Lock Down

Everyone quarantines inside their home
Asset Code

This Rival Coin represents support for:

  • All of members of society will quarantine within their home, or a section of their home, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease.


COVID-19 Immunity Battleplan

CompetitorDescriptionCirculating Supply
Lock DownEveryone quarantines inside their home-
Wear MasksWear masks in all communal areas both indoors and outdoors-
Herd ImmunityMost people (the herd) become immune, and the "herd" stops
the spread of the disease, which protects those NOT immune.
Vaccine Immunity (Mandated)Immunity through a vaccine that is mandated by the government-
Natural ImmunityImmunity through natural (non-medical) means-
Vaccine Immunity (Violently Pressured)Immunity through a vaccine that is violently pressured
to be taken (eg non-compliance with the
NYC vaccine passport results in violence by the government)
Vaccine Immunity (Freely Chosen)Immunity through a vaccine freely taken,
that is, NO violent pressure to take it (eg no NYC vaccine passport)