A digital "snapshot in time" of the US dollar supply
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Created by Rival Coins, DOLLAR is a digital “snapshot in time” of the US dollar supply.  It has a fixed supply, fixed initial price, and fixed tax contribution.


Stopping Inflation

Americans, have you noticed the price of food going up?  Thanks inflation!  When the government prints paper money, inflation goes up.  DOLLAR prevents this type of inflation because it has an immutable, fixed supply of 30 trillion “digital dollars”.  Rival Coins can’t create more DOLLARS even if we wanted to.


Easy Pricing

The entire initial DOLLAR supply will be sold at 1 USD per 1 DOLLAR.  Unlike other digital currencies, you don’t have to worry about DOLLAR prices jumping up and down.


Reducing Your Tax Burden

Rival Coins plans to reduce the average American’s tax burden by $1,800.


The US federal tax per capita is 18,000 USD.  That means the average family of 4 has a tax burden of 72,000 USD.  Ordinary Americans may not pay this tax burden directly, but rather indirectly via artificially high prices (businesses passing their tax burden onto consumers).  In response, Rival Coins will allocate 90% of all DOLLAR sales to US federal taxes.  Our hope is to reduce the average American’s federal tax burden by 10% (1800 USD per person).  It’s not much, but it’s a start.