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What is Play MONEY?

Play MONEY is fake, play, digital, ‘Monopoly’ money used for interactive education about personal finance and economics (local, regional, national, global).  It achieves this by acting as the “metric system” for all the world’s real, paper currencies.


How does it work?


When teaching children about personal budgeting, it’s convenient to pretend you have an income of  100 currency units per month (100 USD, 100 EUR, etc).  This makes it easy to understand that spending 20 currency units on food means you spent 20% of your monthly budget on food.  Play MONEY makes this intuitive, convenient math more interactive by allowing literally anyone and everone to hold and control 100 Play MONEY per month, on average.

Ownership and Control of Your “Money”

Play MONEY is exclusively owned and controlled by the individual because the “money” is stored on the Stellar blockchain


A blockchain is essentially one huge Excel sheet tracking everyone’s digital asset balances.  The Excel sheet is stored on a global network of computers, independently operated, that securely and reliably synchronizes one single copy of the Excel sheet.  Thus, it’s a decentralized storage of digital assets, you don’t need a single person, company, organization, or government to manage and maintain the Excel sheet.


You store your Play MONEY on the blockchain and transactions can only be made with your password (also called a “seed”).  There are no admin accounts or passwords to act on your behalf.  Thus, if you lose your password, or “seed”, then you lose your Play MONEY.