USA is money FOR ordinary Americans, BY ordinary Americans.  You may ask, “Isn’t the US dollar (USD) the official money for America?”.  There are many answers to this question, all of which are very complicated and controversial. Rather than arguing in circles about the US dollar, we made USA with a simple design and fair distribution.  Learn more below.



Where does USA come from?

USA is created out of thin air via the Stellar blockchain (see below) and is exclusively distributed through the Gov Fund Rewards program.


What is a blockhain?

A blockchain is basically one huge “Excel sheet” that tracks various digital asset balances (bank balances, reward points, store credits, gift card balances, etc).  The “Excel sheet” is stored on a global network of computers that (1)  are independently operated and (2) synchronizes one master copy of the “Excel sheet” securely and reliably.  Thus, it’s a decentralized ledger (or “record book”) of digital assets.  Therefore no single person, company, organization, or government can tamper with the master copy of the “Excel sheet”, nor is any single entity needed to maintain it.


How do I get “USA”?

You cannot buy “USA”, this is by design.  The only way to get “USA” is through the Gov Fund Rewards program, which rewards you 2-to-1 for all USD tax payments or donations to the government.  Yes, that’s doubling your money.  To learn more, check out the Gov Fund Rewards program.


What is the value of “USA”?

Great question.  We must be extremely clear on what we mean by value.  Intrinsic value is the inherit capabilities of something, even if absolutely no one wants it.  Market value is simply demand, what people are willing to trade for it, regardless of why they want to trade for it


Think of the dating game as a frame of reference. Someone may be kind, smart, and reliable – this is their intrinsic value.  If nonetheless no one wants to date this person, then they have no market value.  Harsh, but true, and it’s the same with money.

USA Intrinsic Value

The intrinsic value of USA is what it can do all by itself, even if absolutely no one wants it.  Here is the intrinsic value of USA.


  • Security – Your funds are secured on the Stellar blockchain, a global, decentralized ledger (“record book”).
  • Accessibility – Your account is encryption protected and cannot be “frozen” like a bank account.  Your password gives you exclusive control over your account.
  • Inflation resistant – With a fixed, immutable supply of 100 trillion, you cannot have inflation due to money printing.
  • Easily exchangeable – As a native digital asset on the Stellar blockchain, you can easily trade it for digitized currencies and assets, including fiat and crypto currencies.
  • Convenient Payment – We expect most Americans will own USA, making it convenient for transactions.  This is based on the fact that Americans can get USA for free by paying taxes, and since all Americans must pay taxes, many Americans are expected to own USA.


USA Market Value

We have no idea what USA’s market value is, nor what it will be anytime in the future.  That’s because only the American people can determine it’s demand, and thus market value.  If Americans CHOOSE to transact with USA, then by definition USA has demand and thus market value.  If Americans choose to NOT transact with USA, then it will have no market value.  Rival Coins does not determine USA’s market value, only the American people. 


Rival Coins will never try to influence USA’s market value, it’s purely up to the American people to decide that, by choosing whether or not to transact with it.  We don’t support any hype to increase its market value nor any “trash talk” to diminish it, both now and forever.  Let’s just let the American people decide.


How Will USA Decentralize Wealth?


Decentralize Wealth via Inflation Resistance

In America, all currency (the US dollar) is created by the Federal Reserve, or the Fed.  The Fed is NOT a government entity, but rather a private, for-profit corporation that’s “federal” in name only, just like Federal Express.  The Fed creates new US dollars out of thin air whenever they issue a loan.  In fact, the loan IS the newly created US dollars!  Believe it or not, this is done by design.  Thus, the Fed has great control over the supply of US dollars and contributes to the inflation caused by creating these new US dollars.  The Fed profits from interest on these loans while the American people pay the price of inflation at the grocery store.

Alternatively, USA has a fixed supply of 100 trillion, which means it can’t inflate through increasing its supply.  The fixed supply is enforced by a decentralized, immutable payment network (Stellar).


Decentralize Wealth via Sound Accounting

As previously mentioned, the Fed creates currency (the US dollar) out of thin air whenever they issue a loan, and with interest we might add.  This means at any given point in time, there is more debt than dollars to pay back that debt.  This is NOT sound accounting.   To make matters worse, ALL commercial banks (Bank of America, Chase, Wells-Fargo, etc) follow a similar scheme.  Unfortunately, this scheme is completely legal, well, for banks only, that is.  This dishonest scheme gives banks an unfair advantage to build wealth since they profit from all debt interest.  In contrast, payment of the debt interest is ultimately passed down to the consumer through price markups.

Alternatively, USA has sound accounting due to its fixed supply on a decentralized payment network (Stellar).  Therefore no person or organization has an inherent, unfair advantage within any USA based economy.  When the rules are fair, we can expect a more even distribution of wealth.


How Will USA Decentralize Power?


Decentralize Power via Privacy

Rival Pay transactions are as private as cash via built-in peer-to-peer, encrypted payments (aka “payment channels”).  The privacy does not sacrifice speed, with transactions as fast as other P2P payment apps (Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, etc). Privacy transfers power from manipulative organizations (e.g. the IRS and corporate marketing firms) back to the people by removing their access to personal data, often used to unethically manipulate behavior.

Rival Pay’s built-in privacy will not violate any laws (federal to local) but rather secures American’s Constitutional right to privately transact (via private trusts).


Decentralize Power via Censorship Resistance

Rival Pay shrinks the power gap by limiting censorship through P2P, encrypted payments.  Traditional P2P payment networks (Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, PayPal, etc) and even non-P2P payment networks (VISA, ACH, etc) have the ability to censor, or block, payments, which violates our basic human right to freely transact.  Not to mention American’s Constitutional right to freely transact censorship-free (via private trusts).


Decentralize Power via Voluntary Government Funding

There is nothing wrong with funding the government, but there is a problem with the WAY we fund the government, that is, taxes.  Taxation is a violent means of government funding.  If we don’t pay taxes, then we are met with violence as men with guns (police) forcibly put us in a metal cages (jail and/or prison).  The alternative is a fully voluntary funding program.  The short term plan is the Gov Fund Rewards, which will fund 50T USD into US governments (local to federal).  The long term plan is to crowd source new voluntary funding programs, such as the Tax Income Bounty (TIB) and Retirement Income Bounty (RIB) programs.  


Since USA is exclusively earned through Gov Fund Rewards, the distribution of USA “buys time” for Americans to figure out new voluntary government funding programs, including but not limited to the TIB and RIB.  When taxation stops, much power will shift from the government back to the people.  This prevents things like the anti-privacy surveillance state (via IRS curated data) and the military industrial complex (no “blank check” for war).