Money made for and by ordinary US citizens. 


USA is a digital currency designed to replace the US dollar.  It has a fixed, immutable supply of 30 trillion and is exclusively stored on the Stellar blockchain


As the USA replaces the US dollar (USD), when Americans increasingly pay with USA instead of USD, the average American will experience less and less inflation caused by money printing, since the USA has a fixed, immutable supply.


You can get USA exclusively through the Gov Fund Rewards program


What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is basically one huge Excel sheet that tracks digital asset balances.  The Excel sheet is stored on a global network of computers that (1)  are independently operated and (2) synchronizes one master copy of the Excel sheet both securely and reliably.  Thus, it’s a decentralized storage of digital assets, you don’t need a single person, company, organization, or government to manage and maintain the Excel sheet.


How do I get “USA”?

You cannot buy “USA”, this is by design.  The only way to get “USA” is through the Gov Fund Rewards program, which rewards you 1-to-1 for all USD tax payments or donations to the government.  To learn more, check out the Gov Fund Rewards program.


What is the value of “USA”?

Great question.  We must be extremely clear on what we mean by value.  Intrinsic value is the inherit capabilities of something, even if absolutely no one wants it.  Market value is simply demand, what people are willing to trade for it, regardless of why they want to trade for it


Think of the dating game as a frame of reference. Someone may be kind, smart, and reliable – this is their intrinsic value.  If no one wants to date this person, then they have no market value.  Harsh, but true, and it’s the same with money.

USA Intrinsic Value

The intrinsic value of USA is what the currency can do even if absolutely no one wants it.  Here is the intrinsic value of USA.


  • Security – Your funds are secured on the Stellar blockchain, a global, decentralized network of computers.
  • Accessibility – Your account is encryption protected and cannot be “frozen” like a bank account, your password gives you exclusive control over your account.
  • Inflation resistant – With a fixed, immutable supply of 30 trillion, you cannot have inflation due to money printing.
  • Easily exchangeable – As a native digital asset on the Stellar blockchain, you can easily trade it for digitized currencies and assets, including fiat and crypto currencies.
  • Convenient Payment – We expect most Americans will own USA, making it convenient for transactions.  This is based on the fact that Americans can get USA for free by paying taxes, and since all Americans must pay taxes, many Americans are expected to own USA.

USA Market Value

We have no idea what USA’s market value is, nor what it will be anytime in the future.  That’s because only the American people can determine it’s demand, and thus market value.  If Americans CHOOSE to transact with USA, then by definition USA has demand and thus market value.  If Americans choose to NOT transact with USA, then it will have no market value.  Rival Coins does not determine USA’s market value, only the American people. 


Rival Coins will never try to influence USA’s market value, it’s purely up to the folks to decide that, by choosing whether or not to transact with it.  We don’t support any hype to increase its market value nor any “trash talk” to diminish it, both now and forever.  Let’s just let the folks decide.

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Fiscal Year

October 1 – September 30