Vaccine Immunity (Mandated)

Immunity through a vaccine that is mandated by the government
Asset Code

This Rival Coin represents support for:

  • COVID-19 immunity through a vaccine that is mandated by the government.


Concerns with Vaccine Mandate

  • Increased Risk of COVID-19 Due to Unnecessary Stress – Mandating a COVID-19 vaccine may create unnecessary stress and anxiety for those who reasonably and/or conscionably object to taking the vaccine.  Stress and anxiety can can lower the immune system, thereby making one more susceptible to COVID-19 since one’s immune system is less capable of fighting off the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • Permanent Loss of Body Autonomy – Mandating a vaccine that has not gone through typical, rigorous FDA scrutiny may lead to further loss of rights over one’s own body.  With the bar being lowered for imposed actions on another’s body, there is serious concern that the standard for violating another’s body will be lowered even further, possibly indefinitely in the name of “safety” and “the greater good”.



COVID-19 Immunity Battleplan

CompetitorDescriptionCirculating Supply
Lock DownEveryone quarantines inside their home-
Wear MasksWear masks in all communal areas both indoors and outdoors-
Herd ImmunityMost people (the herd) become immune, and the "herd" stops
the spread of the disease, which protects those NOT immune.
Vaccine Immunity (Mandated)Immunity through a vaccine that is mandated by the government-
Natural ImmunityImmunity through natural (non-medical) means-
Vaccine Immunity (Violently Pressured)Immunity through a vaccine that is violently pressured
to be taken (eg non-compliance with the
NYC vaccine passport results in violence by the government)
Vaccine Immunity (Freely Chosen)Immunity through a vaccine freely taken,
that is, NO violent pressure to take it (eg no NYC vaccine passport)